Advanced Persistent Threat (APT).

Advanced Persistent Threat (APT)Crypteia Networks is introducing in the regional market FireEye, the leading Advanced Persistence Threats (APT) mitigation vendor.

APT is the next generation of malware that has radically evolved lately to a very targeted attack, which are unknown to traditional security products.



  • FireEye is the only company that can accurately detect and stop both inbound never-before-seen APT and zero-day attacks while also protecting against outbound callbacks. FireEye technology has found malware and outbound data theft in 100% of our POC’s.
  • FireEye does not rely on signatures, heuristics, behavioral analysis, vm’s, honeypots, or anomaly detection. FireEye is the next generation leader of modern malware/botnet detection appliances with a multiphase approach that requires no tuning. It is integrated with a proprietary virtual exchange (VXE) environment to catch and validate even the most sophisticated malware and botnets calling home with a near 0 false positive rate.
  • Over 95% of businesses unknowingly host compromised endpoints, despite their use of firewalls, intrusion prevention systems (IPS), antivirus, web gateways, and other standard defenses. This situation – the new status quo – results from criminals leveraging multiple zero-day vulnerabilities, commercial-quality toolkits and social media to perpetrate advanced malware, zero-day and targeted APT attacks.
  • Firewalls, AV, e-mail filters, web gateways, intrusion prevention systems and other security products are “obsoleted” by the current threat, because they tend to use unexpected attack vectors or exploit zero-day vulnerabilities. These existing products all require the threat to be analyzed, understood, and a signature, patch or policy created to detect and block future incidents.
  • The VX engine performs multi-flow analysis to understand the full context of an advanced targeted attack. Stateful attack analysis is critical to trigger analysis of the entire attack lifecycle, from initial exploit to data exfiltration. This is why point products that focus on a single attack object (e.g., malware executable (EXE), dynamic linked library (DLL), or portable document format (PDF) file types) will miss the vast majority of advanced attacks as they are blind to the full attack lifecycle.

Crypteia Networks offers as managed service the analysis, management and operation of FireEye APT solutions to offload customer’s Information Security Departments, offers state of the art forensic support from our Security Operation Center (SOC) with continuously monitor customers’ networks status, and reacts instantly on potential incidents with our Emergency Response Team (ERT).